Call for papers

Original papers are sought on.

  1. Performance of Materials
    - Constitutive Response under High Strain-Rates
    - Influence of Low and High Temperatures
    - Cyclic and Other Dynamic Loads
    - Test Methods, Standardization and Performance Criteria
    - Specialized Materials including Fiber Reinforced and High Performance Concrete, Specialized Steels and Fiber Reinforced Polymers

  2. Performance of Structures under
    - Impact Loads
    - Blast and Explosive Loads
    - Shock Loads
    - Fire
    - Earthquake

  3. Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading
    - Assessment of Structural Condition
    - Coatings and Surface Treatments
    - Strengthening and Repair Methods

  4. Structural Management and Protection
    - Protection Concepts and Designs
    - Underground Facilities
    - Structural Health Monitoring and Advanced Sensing

  5. Other Related Topics


Please email a one page abstract as a word attachment to: